Subsidies in the US and the EU: Control or Free Provision?

“Business subsidies are one of the least regulated fields of US public policy and, in contrast, one of the most strictly regulated fields of EU law. As all public subsidies to the business sector challenge or even undermine the integrity of free markets, the question arises: is there something missing in US law? or has the EU gone beyond what is needed to ensure free functioning markets? This publication puts the spotlight on this debate and raises important issues of economic policy management, free trade and the use of state and federal budgets in the US”
– Dr. Eugene Stuart, State Aid Law and Policy expert

“The book gives us a comprehensive overview of the EU State aid regulatory system, and describes the forms and methods of the government support to business in US. According to the EU law any aid granted by a Member State that meets certain criteria is incompatible with the internal market unless exemptions apply. The main idea is that fair competition may be ensured only provided undertakings operate in the market suing only own resources. Therefore, in the EU State aid is regulated by the European Commission. In the US there is no such regime. Constitution of the country is a primary source to control the States to provide aid to businesses. Which system is better? The book provides a useful framework for analysing both systems. It describes their pros and cons. It gives examples to prove the major idea: State support to companies is very harmful because it creates uneven playing field. In particular, it is important nowadays when the EU and US try to find transparent ways of taxing the new digital economy.”
– Sigitas Cemnolonskis, State Aid Law and Policy expert

“In this work, Iana Roginska has produced a thorough and meticulously documented primer on the problem of corporate welfare in the United States. Even readers familiar with the issue may find themselves amazed both by the amount of money involved and by the identities of some of the recipients (tens of millions of dollars to Bed, Bath and Beyond?). We all know we’re being ripped off, but few people realize just how much!”
– Darien Sumner, senior editor at Libertarian Gaming

“A thorough and illustrative guide on EU State aid control and US Corporate state support system, drawing on the comparison and highlighting very clearly the important differences. An excellent read that enables even non-experts to obtain quickly an acquaintance with the issues discussed and familiarize themselves with the principles and procedures of both systems on both sides of the Atlantic.”
– Dr. Mihalis Kekelekis, Senior Officer, Competition and State Aid Directorate, EFTA Surveillance Authority, Brussels

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