Terrorism and Violence in Islamic History from Beginning to Present and Theological Responses to the Arguments of Terrorist Groups

“Having an excellent command of Arabic, Turkish and English, Islamic theologian Dr. Recep Dogan has used essential primary texts in these three languages and produced an excellently analytical but also encyclopedically detailed account of not only pre-modern and contemporary violent extremists who justify their inhumane ideologies by reference to Islamic sources but also Islamic scholars’ refutation of these radical ideologies. The book is a must-read for those who want to learn about how Islamist violent extremists abuse Islam and how they have been responded to by Islamic scholars.”
Professor Ihsan Yilmaz
Research Chair in Islamic Studies and Intercultural Dialogue
Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation
Deakin University
Victoria, Australia

“This book proves a comprehensive overview of the history of some of the main Muslim groups who have resorted to violence in the name of Islam. This book also makes a passionate plea and a thoughtful rebuttal of some of the most important theological arguments these groups have used to justify their actions in the religiously couched terms.” Dr. Adis Duderija
Lecturer in the Study of Islam and Society
School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science
Griffith University
Nathan, Australia


Published in Book Reviews, Terrorism and Security